How the Inappropriate Formatting of a Hyperlink will Destroy your Online Presence

January 29, 2014 Website Design

With so many self-proclaimed search engine optimization experts leveraging their unquantified history in the web design market these days – the team at Buffalo Website Design was inspired to discuss how something as seemingly insignificant could really damage your site. 

The hyperlink is an essential tool used by search engines such as Google to understand how all the content in the digital ether is related to itself and to each other. But what happens when this very granular element of a much larger search engine optimization landscape is ignored or worse yet – formatted incorrectly altogether?

If hyperlinks are ignored – meaning – there’s no thought given to the anchor text or title this could be the least of your worries. Google, being the most significant search engine would most likely zero out any positive impact that the hyperlink would make on your websites page rank. Formatting hyperlinks incorrectly, for example using an ‘alt’ tag rather than the ‘title’ tag or spamming a title tag could be devastating when attempting to rank a site for a highly competitive keywords.

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