The Five Most Important Things Your Website Needs and Designers Overlook

February 2, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments
  1. Validating HTML
    Having validated code means search engines can easily index your site. If you’re designer is faced with a tight deadline – this is often the first corner that gets cut. If the code isn’t validated – it could mean disaster with various browsers and you’re going get stuck with that extra cost.
  2. A Site Map
    A site map helps search engines understand the hierarchy of your site, making it easier to index. This is usually the last step and if you’re designer is under pressure to deliver – it’s most certainly overlooked.
  3. Meta Description
    Each page of your site should have a meta description that tells search engines what the page is about.
  4. A 404 Error Page
    Inevitably your site will have broken links, and when this happens – your site will need to deliver up a page that is consistent with the rest of your site. The reason for doing so is by default, websites will serve up a very different error page that might send traffic away if they think they’ve left your site because of an error.
  5. A favicon
    With the advent of tabbed browsing – it’s essential that your website has a favicon to help users easily identify your site in a cluster of tabs.