How Important is Simplicity in Website Design?

August 21, 2013 Website Design

At Buffalo Website Design, our approach to web design and development is that simple is better than better. What that means to us, and the small business in Western New York is that our primary goal is to engage consumers and convert them into customers. We achieve that by designing interactions that are simple, elegant and interactive. There’s a heavy reliance on cognitive recognition for example, presenting a user with a navigation that they have seen before and have confidence in how that navigation works. Our main goal is creating a results-driven tool for business not winning awards for ground-breaking web design.

Simplicity doesn’t have to mean boring. What it should mean is clarity and consistency. Our web design team understands that creating effective user-interface patterns can be simple and elegant – reinforcing the idea that our goal is to engage the consumer. Anything that distracts from that goal is unnecessary and should be avoided in web design and thus the process of refining a design begins. As creatives, we should continue to work towards that goal without interfering with the expectations of our target audiences – we should strive for consolidating complex routines and building simple patterns, occasionally there will be an opportunity to break the rules but never at the expense of confusing the consumer and distracting them away from our designated goal.