The Importance of Blogging For Business

February 26, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Having a blog included with your website design is something that’s very intimidating to business owners. Already stressed from trying to run a successful business, I’ve been in enough client meetings to know exactly why a client’s eyes will roll into the back of their heads whenever the topic of blogging comes up.
Some of that reaction may be due to the fact that more than not, bloggers are associated with creepy dudes living in their parents’ basement and trolling for trouble on the internet. But it’s more than that – it’s marketing to your audience that you’re the subject matter expert in your field, and it’s using search engines to drive your page ranking.
With every post, you’re essentially creating one more road into your tiny town known as ‘website’. With it’s population of 1 (you), blogging is like creating a really attractive infrastructure for visitors to come to your tiny town and spend some time.
Unlike infrastructure – it’s cheap and fast to add content to your website with a blog. And with each post, you’re getting similar results as you would with advertising – about 1% or less. That’s some serious ROI.
Finally – it forces us to be learning all the time. It demonstrates to our visitors that we’re working and not waiting for the phone to ring.