Our Huge Website Design Prediction for 2015: Large Background Images

January 22, 2015 Website Design

In the second installment of our website design trends for 2015, we continue to see speed optimization and bandwidth issues take a backseat to design impact. At Buffalo Website Design, we always err on the side of caution when it comes to loading times on websites by limiting the number of jQuery scripts, compressing code, and optimizing images as these all have a tremendous impact on search engine optimization rankings in addition to our other points of our 120-point optimization checklist.

Having said all that – we continue to see large format images becoming a centerpiece in website design this upcoming year thanks in large part to image interpolation code that enables developers to use large graphics at various sizes and dump the unnecessary data to present beautiful, crisp images at insanely fast speeds.

Perhaps with technology progressing at rates a thousand times that of consumer adaption we may even see video surpass the large format images that we’re predicting will be a website design trend this year. Of course – that’s the fun of making these lists, to look back in eleven months and write yet another article.

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