What to Look for When Hiring a Web Designer?

September 11, 2013 Website Design

First impressions are important and meaningful and therefore its very necessary to tell our customers exactly what we are not – and that is, we are not an agency.

At Buffalo Website Design, we are definitely not an agency. We take a consultative approach but our customers shouldn’t be surprised if we offer a little push back when the direction of a project erodes the standards and best practices we’ve built in nearly 20 years.

While our customers are certainly experts in their fields, we are experts in ours – and we certainly don’t offer our customers business solutions without having validated those solutions. Just because we dabble in a little bit of design work doesn’t mean we take a completely visceral approach to your business.

Over the past two decades we’ve developed a framework for achieving the best possible results for your business – and we’ve quantified those results at a level of competition that demands undeniable proof. While we’ll never push a cookie-cutter approach on our customers, we think we have a great deal of alignment on running a sustainable business – be experts in your chosen field.

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