What the Hell is Tech Debt and Why is it Killing Your Small Business?

October 9, 2013 Website Design

We’ve all been there. Even the savvy web designer that feels the peer pressure to maintain a constant knowledge of bleeding-edge technology that could launch their business by filling a highly-lucrative niche. We’re seeing it now – millions of small business owners jumping on the social media bandwagon without fully understanding the consequences of that decision. Like little kids who have no idea how horrible that McDonald’s happy meal is for them – it’s cheap, fulfilling and right in front of their face.

Well, here’s a great example of tech debt and why it’s killing your business. Your customers are not using Facebook to find your business. I know – shocking right? No – they’re using Facebook to find their friends. 87% of consumers are using Google – and Google is not indexing Facebook pages. So the further companies invest in social media like Facebook the further off the radar they slide.

We get it – Facebook is free and provides small business with the unique opportunity to have an on-going dialog with its customers. So – now that you have that amazing dialog, and all that word of mouth advertising – how are the 87% consumers finding you? They’re not.

That’s called tech debt. It’s the eventual consequences of poor or evolving technical planning and it’s running rampant in web design.

Our job as website designers at Buffalo Website Design is to build online marketing tools for Western New York small business that allow our customers to level the playing field in a digital marketplace. Have you heard that old saying in business “location, location, location”? Well, it remains true to this day – but rather than bricks and mortar we’re building small business websites that rank at the top of Google’s search engine results pages.

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