Head or Gut? How Great Website Design Should Deliver a Knock-Out Experience

August 7, 2013 Website Design

There are two aspects of website design and while many design companies simply focus on one – the visceral and very subjective ‘gut feeling’ that a web design may communicate – the team at Buffalo Website Design is equally focused on the head because that’s where purchasing decisions are made.

For professional web designers it’s simply not enough to engaged with the visceral eye-candy – we have to know what makes people tick, or click. The team at Buffalo Website Design is looking at behaviors, habits, testing and tracking to understand what makes the consumer experience exciting but most importantly – what’s makes them achieve their goals.

Let’s say that your company’s website looks really hot – but you’re not getting the traffic you thought you could with all the traditional methods of marketing your brand, or let’s say your customers are leaving a lot of shopping carts at the point of sale – it may be about time you asked yourself if it’s the head or the gut. Then call Buffalo Website Design at (716) 218-9884.