Happy March from Buffalo Website Design

Can you believe it? It’s March already!

Some of the things that we’ll continue to work on here at Buffalo Website Design is reporting to you on our success with ranking our little site. We’ve put together this site in an attempt to rank Buffalo Website Design in Buffalo, New York – without actually living in Buffalo, New York. I’m a former Buffalo-native and this exercise has been very challenging – part of me longs to home again, crushing wings at the Anchor Bar, going to the Ralph and tailgating, and spending weekends on the lower Niagara.

The other part of me finds great promise in the science that is Search Engine Optimization. I’ve heard colleagues call it ‘snake oil’ and ‘social media’ as if they were confusing marketing with advertising and vice versa. I mean, have you ever noticed that creative agencies never advertise? The one thing that they’re supposed to be really good at – it should be easy.

Hopefully, by the time this article is published – I will have cracked the top five in Google despite my site being just four months old. There’s nothing snake oil or black hat about that. It’s hard work.

Isn’t that what being from Buffalo is all about?