How Does Having a Great Website Save Your Company Money?

September 18, 2013 Website Design

It’s hard to imagine why anyone who is struggling to grow their small business in Western New York would even consider purchasing ad space in a local newspaper or magazine, or run television or radio spots. For starters – this type of marketing are what is commonly referred to as ‘traditional’ marketing and its general knowledge that over the past 40 years the generations of consumers have all but tuned out. Thus the response numbers continue to hover at 1% of less – depending on the effectiveness of the messaging.

Add to that the fact that after 40 years of what is now called ‘disruptive’ advertising (you know how mad you get when a TV commercial comes on in the middle of Breaking Bad) each generation has increasing tuned out the disruption, skipping through ads with their DVRs or avoiding celestial radio altogether.

A website that ranks in the top ten search engine results will garner at least a 1% response rate and a website that ranks in the top three will share nearly 86% of the click-throughs.

Traditional ads require time and repetition which requires thousands of dollars in design and development to craft an easily digestible message not to mention the cost of placement – but that half-page ad in your local newspaper or magazine has a shelf-life of about 4-6 weeks before your message is either being received or dismissed.

A website – even an average build – can last anywhere between 36-60 months and cost roughly about the same as that half-page ad in the local paper. It’s not difficult to imagine how lopsided the numbers get when you consider a one time investment driving 30% more traffic to your business over a period of time that’s 250% longer.

To simplify things – for every dollar spent in traditional marketing your small business will see a $0.01 profit for however long your print ad is in circulation. A website however can produce $0.72 of profit on every dollar spent for as long as 60 months.

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