How Great Website Design Can Tell Your Company’s Story

May 20, 2014 Website Design

Great website design is so much more than just images, text and buttons. The average web design will crank out your site with a picture of your kids, or your favorite color in a couple of weeks. But the really great website designers will brand the technology on your behalf and tell a consistent story from one touch-point to the next.

Large companies spend tens of thousands of dollars developing a brand that projects a particular image to their customers. For some strange reason, these branding guidelines are almost never taken into consideration when designing for the web. Perhaps in large part because the web has its on set of rules when it comes to user-interaction. But the tech giants will tell you Рthat in 2011, they lost over a trillion dollars because their tech products did not meet the expectations of their customers.

Perhaps its time to consider the user-experience of the web and the brand identity of print to be one in the same. Each telling the same story in very different platforms. Why can’t some user-interface principals be applied to print and well – we tried that back in 1995 and it spawned an entire occupation known today as user-experience design.

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