How Great Web Designers Can Design an Effective Meeting?

November 20, 2013 Website Design

Let’s be honest. How many times have you been in a meeting with a web design guru or some other type of creative genius and found yourself listening to an hour long pitch about how creative their design is. The meeting drags on and on because no one wants to be rude. Hours later you may be laying awake at night asking yourself ‘what did we accomplish’?

No wonder the website design profession has plummeted from respectable heights to somewhere near the dreaded telemarketer or kiosk manager at your local mall.

Great web designers create effective business solutions and that starts with great branding and should extend to every touch point of the design process. Including effective meetings.

Well designed meetings should be full of energy with a positive vibe – a place where people come together to say ‘Yes! and…’ rather than ‘Yeah but…’ – because we’ve come together to make our designs even better.

Great web designers consider every interaction of the website process and should be taking into consideration the customer interaction as well. This very well could be your first clue when addressing if you’ve hired the candidate to design your next website.

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