How to Get Great Client Feedback – Part 5

November 28, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Take the Time to Talk About It

In the previous post, I discussed what it means to website designers to ‘get stupid out of the way’. But today, in an era of communication that is hugely digital – picking up the phone to discuss accomplishments, milestones, deadlines and budgets prior to any of these things becoming a problem is always welcomed.

At Buffalo Website Design, we have come to realize that our customers can sometimes be intimidated by the whole process of designing and developing a website – therefore, we update our clients via email at the start of each phase to explain who is doing what and how that benefits our customer. It’s been a huge success and our customers appreciate it. Not only to they get a small digestible chuck of education but feel very much apart of the process.

Take the time to talk to your customers – on the phone, or better yet – in person. Grab a bite, a beer or whatever and keep them in the loop. You’ll find that the project will be better received with fewer revisions.