How to Get Great Client Feedback – Part 4

November 21, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Get Stupid Out of the Way

Not what you were thinking, I guarantee it. But let’s face it – every website designer has cursed their clients at some point and the reality is it’s our fault. It’s always our fault. If you’re asking the questions, and listening – the client has already told you what success looks like.

At Buffalo Website Design, we rationalize every design move before making the move so that customers feel less threatened by the creativity. They’ve heard the importance of color psychology, the impact of typography and the more technical things like scanning patterns. Since implementing our visionary kit process prior to designing and presenting our designs – our customers have approved our initial designs one hundred percent of the time with little or no revisions.

That’s what we mean about getting stupid out of the way. No more discussions about ‘sea foam green’ being our favorite color or why we can’t use Trajan for body copy on our website.