How Internet Explorer is Killing Your Online Presence

Ugh. Internet Explorer. Has there ever been a bigger pain in the backside for website design professionals? Remember the early days when Internet Explorer completely ignored the concept of CSS and rewrote the rules when it came to margins and padding?  The idea that a company such as Microsoft would attempt to redefine website development standards is astonishing and arrogant. As a website designer, I hope that one day when we all attempt to look back at the demise of Microsoft, chapter one will begin with Internet Explorer.

As a website design professional – we should ignore the existence of IE when designing websites for our clients. We should be allowed to write out the existence of IE out in contracts. However we can minimize some expectations when dealing with clients – such as developing around Internet Explorer – we should do it. We are the customers and customers are always right, right?  Recently when confronted with the challenge of clients using Internet Explorer 6 – we had to address the issue and develop a policy that would continue to deliver on our company promise and eliminate the mind-numbing development that would be associated with IE6.

Our solution was to support every current browser, and one legacy version.

Problem solved – sort of. We continue to build in hacks and fixes to work around all the various issues that Internet Explorer continues to force on unsuspecting PC users. Until then – we continue our due diligence educating our clients about some of the great alternatives to web browsing.