Does Functionality Trump Boring Website Design?

May 22, 2013 Website Design

We have an old saying here at Buffalo Website Design – ‘clarity trumps persuasion’. For our customers to let go of websites that ‘pop’ or have ‘flash’ it’s an extremely difficult journey – mostly because sites don’t really ‘pop’ or ‘flash’ too long without becoming annoying. But another reason is because consumers really love what they know. Consumers love the cognitive relationship they have with knowing how things work.

Sometimes, good design just means good organization – such as a simple navigation bar that doesn’t confuse users and actually helps your audience find the content that they’re looking for – rather than distracting them from their goals.

Sacrificing a fancy user-interface for a well thought out user-experience will improve your website bounce rate and deliver on every small business promise to deliver great customer service. There are certainly other methods of adding excitement to website design rather than re-inventing your customers expectations.