Firefox Swings for the Fences with Yahoo Search

February 12, 2015 Website Design

Late last year, back in December Mozilla rolled out the latest version of Firefox, v34. Now, normally we reserve our web browser bashing for Internet Explorer but the big news pertains to the choice of default browser. Somebody, at Mozilla actually thought it was a good idea to select Yahoo as the default web browser with the latest release. To understand why anyone would think it’s a good idea to use Yahoo to search for websites – let’s take a look at the latest statistics regarding web browser usage.

Google’s Chrome is and has been dominating the marketplace since February of 2013 and the team at Buffalo Website Design means dominating. At least 50% of the marketshare. That’s dominating. Now Mozilla has been in decline since February of 2009 when they owned only 46% of the marketshare. That’s six long years of moving in the wrong direction at a fairly steady pace.

So the latest news is obviously the last ditch effort to remain relevant with website browsers and consumers. Of course we should also point out that Yahoo search isn’t really Yahoo anymore – it’s Bing. And bing is made by Microsoft – the same people who brought you Internet Explorer. So if you’re finding yourself being spammed or overwhelmed by celebrity news and ads for Russian dating sites – you may want to check out a better browser or at the very least – change your default browser back to Google.