How to Evaluate Your Website Designer Before It’s Too Late

June 5, 2013 Website Design

One of the growing concerns among the website design community is the lack of designers who are equipped to solve real-world business problems and measure the success of their solutions. Many of our clients come to us to solve a problem related to their sales cycle – either they want a most robust cycle that adds value for prospective customers or they want a shorter sales cycle that increases their margin of profitability.

Regardless of your designers capabilities from an aesthetic point of view – if you’re designer is unaware of these issues, or not sure how to solve these problems you may in fact be working with what we might call an ‘artist’. Someone who creates a website that solves none of these issues but rather a visually pleasing ornament of self-indulgence.

When choosing a designer – perhaps an artist is indeed exactly the perfect fit depending on your product or service. For example – photographers, jewelry designers, or any one seeking to create ‘galleries’ to market their business may indeed be better served with an artist.

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