Designing a Website on a Buffalo-style Budget

January 30, 2013 Website Design

There’s a lot of misconception about how to get great website design on a tight budget. For example, at Buffalo Website Design we require a minimum downpayment of 50% before we can begin doing the market research that makes your website continue paying dividends long after we’ve launched your site.

However, a smart business owner understands that 50% of N can equal anything. I would urge any small business looking at developing an online strategy for marketing their business to meet with a website design and discuss the big picture. Then, break the job up into silos. Most website design companies will provide a free hour of consulting – make the most of it.

Start with the website design on one contract. For a few hundred dollars, a small business owner can jump start their project and pay the balance off incrementally. For example, at Buffalo Website Design – we allow our customers to pay in three installments, at the time we present our initial designs, again when the designs are approved, and then 30 days after the final art is delivered.

Repeat the process for each phase, development, search engine optimization, et cetera. If a deadline is not a factor – a small business can get great effort from their agency by breaking up huge jobs like designing a new website into smaller contracts that are easier on the pocket back.

For more information about how website design can impact your business, please give us a call. We’re ready to help with your next project.