Are You Designing Your Small Business Website to Compete?

February 12, 2014 Website Design

The team at Buffalo Website Design recently attended a lecture by Beverly Freeman, the lead user-experience researcher at eBay, who raised some interesting points about how to look at and define what the competition is. In that presentation Beverly addressed both product-centric and experience-centric approaches to competing but what really resonated with us – is how much of the competition is created by us or lousy web design.

For me personally, I had two similar experiences – one with a local business and the other with a global bank. Both had several hurdles in their experience that prevented me – the customer – from parting with my money. This is a fairly basic concept and the reason we all go into business right? We provide a product or service in exchange for something of value – most commonly – cash money.

These hurdles can be and should be considered as competition in your business. The problem is that many customers won’t inform small business owners that their website prevents them from making a buying decision – well, not directly. Customers will however take their money somewhere else.

If you’re in a position to distance yourself from the ownership of your small business website for a moment – visit your website and attempt to complete a simple task like purchase a product. Pay close attention to the number of times you’re presented with redundant or irrelevant information pertaining to your purchase. Are you being escorted or dragged? Was your cave man brain satisfied with the information provided? How many times did you confirm your purchase? If more than twice, at which point did you question your decision?

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