How to Defend Your WordPress Site from the Pharma Hack

August 31, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

In that part few weeks we’ve seen several websites that have been victim to the PharmaHack – a vicious hack that hides links to various pharmaceuticals (usually having to do with the old twig and berries) on your site. These links are difficult to spot, unless you are a seasoned web developer¬† – who knows to view the source of the site’s code.

One quick tip to avoid this type of hack is to do a little housekeeping on on your WordPress site. Under the ‘appearence’ tab, click on the ‘themes’ link to display all of your available themes. Now at this point – you’re probably looking at whatever themes came with your installation of WordPress.

These themes are usually updated at various times over the course of a year however, the WordPress theme ‘Twenty Ten’ is the source of problem when it comes to the PharmaHack. This particular theme is no longer being updated – which can be the port of entry for this viscous hack.

Before removing this theme – view the source of your website (command-U on Firefox) and scan the code for a long list of links. If your code is clean, return to your WordPress dashboard and delete the ‘twentyten’ theme. Once you’ve done that – it would be good measure to change your log in credentials.

As always – it’s always a good idea to keep your WordPress installation up to date. For more information on WordPress security, please contact us at Buffalo Website Design.