How Two Decades of Website Prototyping Benefits the Buffalo Website Design Customer?

May 29, 2013 Website Design

The team at Buffalo Website Design has literally done hundreds, if not thousands, of design presentations for both regional and national clients. Each of which had a very similar problem with their website. It either didn’t get enough traffic or it didn’t get enough conversions. Since the dawn of the website – designers have had the challenge of creating engaging user-experiences that facilitate sales and since the mid-90’s, have been collecting data to resolve that issue.

Every website designed in the past 20 years has had some success and some flaws but from this experience – or these prototypes –  Buffalo Website Design has mapped out a strategy for encouraging interaction and dialogs that jumpstarts the sales cycle and keeps that cycle moving towards our clients goal of increasing awareness, engaging customers, building trust and value, closing the sale and encouraging brand evangelism.

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