Why Hourly Work is a Rip Off

Clients will often ask for website designers to work on an hourly basis but let’s be frank – any designer who actually knows what their doing can tell you exactly how long your project will take and how much it will cost. If learning on the job is required – and it usually never is with a real professional – it takes place off the clock. An amateur – who has little of no experience, has no idea and will charge the client for learning on the job. The amateur – desperate for work, underbids the job in hopes of pleasing the client. The professional overbids and delivers under-budget.

With this in mind – any client seeking an hourly ceiling is looking for a way out at the first sign of complications – and it is this kind of client who should be avoided entirely. From my experience, these clients often have difficulty identifying customers, strengths and weaknesses, or goals. Because of this – your project is destined to go on forever but your hourly rate isn’t and you’ll spend countless hours attempting to nail your client down.