How Creative Divergence Bankrupts Small-Business on the Web?

December 11, 2013 Website Design

Few people understand the importance of creativity let alone the impact that creativity can have when solving a problem. For most web design gurus – the act of being creative is a self-indulgent cocoon of artistic self-indulgence where there is no ‘wrong’ but only ‘interpretation’. It’s like comparing snowflakes or rainbows.

From the word ‘go’ the creative web designer has committed two of the top three cardinal sins when designing a human-computer interaction (HCI). For creatives to critically analyze a problem in an effort to mine for more requirements goes against everything a creative designer stands for and therefore the solution to a legitimate business problem is a perception created in a vacuum. What the web design guru perceives to be the real problem is projected onto an audience who are not visually-inclined and most likely perceived the problem quite differently.

By avoiding the critical analysis – our web design guru is essentially being a poor communicator and committing the second deadly sin of HCI design. Without understanding the customer or user the creative diverges from the business intent of the client and ignores any results-oriented rationale for their creative decisions or designs.

The result is an aesthetic tool that misses the purpose of marketing on the web – leaving the client with the equivalent of an online brochure that requires traditional marketing to ping the marketplace. What has emerged is a gravitation towards social-media – such as Facebook – as a viable economical substitute for a website that simply sits on the web waiting for customers to come along. While small businesses that use this strategy are simply rearranging the chairs on the titanic – web design companies must embrace the catalyst for their existence and understand how creative divergence is bankrupting small business on the web.

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