Is the Creative Brainstorm in Website Design Dead?

June 26, 2013 Website Design

For many years, the idea of brainstorming at a creative agency was somewhat synonymous with artists dressing in all black and listening to emo music. The issue with this process is that often times these brainstorming sessions were lead by creative directors who managed the input from other designers and often guided that input towards something more consistent with their own idea.

Today, with so much documented research in the field of human computer interaction we know that brainstorming can be a very linear process and that a group of designers armed with a pad or post-it notes can generate more ideas in a shorter period of time – completely untethered to reality or worse, fear of rejection.

For us at Buffalo Website Design, just about every aspect of each website has been formulated into a plan that ultimately gets tailored by unique content and elements of design. There is very little left to the imagination simply because our experiences, documented results and action-driven design removes every possible obstacle – right down to the decisions behind colors, fonts and textures.

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