Creating Successful Sidebars for Business Websites

March 16, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

In an attempt to customize website sidebars to be somewhat more business-friendly, we discovered that what is often standard for blogs – is usually irrelevant for business. Take for example tag clouds – great for blogs and heck, they’re even great for scanning your site for optimized content – but really unnecessary for the business website.

Our website design called for something slightly different – we wanted to create a hybrid user experience between our clients website and social media, but one that did not require our audience to leave and become distracted by friends, relatives, odd You Tube videos of North Korean kids forced to play classical guitar before the age of five.

We incorporated a Facebook pile, a place for Twitter hash tags – a short :30 second video and a search bar. What we decided against – and it caused some heated discussion was a place for RSS feeds. What we envisioned was a place where all the content about our clients’ business was collected and displayed for our visitor. Our sidebar real estate is too minimal for the amount of content we’d eventually have to plug-in but ultimately, having the goal of keeping your clients on your website is ideal and having a business-oriented sidebar is just one more way to keep people engage at your site.