How I Cracked the Top 5 on Google

March 14, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Buffalo Website Design has been a short three-month venture into the understanding of search engine optimization. For me, being a graphic designer – somehow I thought great SEO had something to do with having an ongoing conversation with your customers, but it’s so much more than that as I am learning. I’m going to give everyone of you the top five ways that have made a tremendous impact on Buffalo Website Design – and I’m sure a majority of these things will shock you.

5. Use metadata on your images
I originally thought this was a crazy idea – but, after eight weeks of climbing from page 9 to the top ten. I was determined to crack the top five – and adding metadata to the images used on my website was a big deal.

4. Added a metadescription
Most people still use metadescriptions incorrectly. It’s true that Google doesn’t place too much emphasis on such things anymore – but users do. Having a great metadescription that provoked the user to click and read more, helped me jump two spots in one week.

3. Valid HTML and CSS
My biggest SEO jump came in the form of valid HTML and CSS – more specifically when I switched my HTML doc type to HTML 5. Although I can’t be certain which had more impact, the valid code of the doc type – I’m leaning towards the doc type simply because I had more validation errors prior to the doc type switch.

2. Blogging daily
Certainly one of the most extreme things anyone could possibly do. On one hand, Google is going to punish me for not having the greatest content in the world, but on the other hand, my site is consistently growing daily and adding new followers. I’ve promised myself that at some point, I will pull back on the posting daily and attempt to have more thoughtful posts once a week.

1. Having a correct WHOIS file
So far, in the past nine weeks the largest impact has been changing my WHOIS file and I’ll explain that further. You see, Buffalo Website Design is more than just an experiment in SEO, it’s an attempt to rank a website despite the fact that I live 1500 miles away. By changing the WHOIS file to reflect that Buffalo Website Design does indeed exist in Buffalo, New York – the following day my website jumped from page four to page one.