Why Your Company Logo Sucks – Part 5

December 18, 2012 Website Design

In this final episode – you are probably sick and tired of staring at logo sketches, designs, mood boards – all that necessary blunt head trauma that your graphic designer prepares for your approval. At this point – you’ve probably become a little numb and even a little blind to the details.

This is exactly why every business with a logo should request a identity standards manual. A standards manual provides some really important information about your logo design that perhaps you might have overlooked – like what Pantone colors have been used in the design of the logo, what fonts, how to use the logo, how not to use the logo. This is the kind of information that makes your new investment pay dividends in the long run.

Put your standards manual on display, where everyone can read it and learn for themselves what values, beliefs and promises that your business holds that went into creating this new logo. Your employees and your customers will appreciate it, and you will too for many years to come.