Is Your Website Color Blind?

March 15, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

Recently the discussion of eye tracking cam up with the website design team, and as the senior designer – I’ve often used the argument of eye tracking as a conversation starter for organizing elements on a website. I’m sure many of you who are website designers know the ‘z’ scan pattern everyone has talked about for the past decade or so – I’ve personally adjusted the ‘z’ pattern to reflect more of a drooping ‘z’. I’m sure everyone has their own similar pattern or humorous name but my goal is to not just about this pattern, but putting elements of interaction in that sight path.

Before starting any design, our branding guide has identified all of the colors to be used within the site – and from there the design team focuses on which colors will represent required action. For example – a recent website design for a health product places three orange buttons in the site path and each of these buttons use varying messaging to entice the visitor to some form of action. Whether it’s to save 50%, buy one – get one, or save $30 when you buy two products normally priced at $60.

From this point – we can determine which message is more successful but most importantly if visitors are scanning the entire sight path or spending more time digesting content. Either way, it’s a win-win but a very good lesson in how designating or owning a color and putting to work can help guide and garner quantifiable user behavior data.