When is Being Cheap Better Than Being Smart? Finding Website Design That Fits Your Business Bandwidth

October 23, 2013 Website Design

Back in the day, before I was an aspiring web designer growing up in Western New York – I was somewhat obsessed with branding before I really knew what branding was. At the age of eleven, I watched the election of Ronald Reagan based on what I was convinced was succinct messaging that was digestible by anyone with a fifth grade education. After all, I was consuming the messaging and I wasn’t old enough to vote but I made sure to regurgitate what were very complicated positions on foreign policy to my parents at the dinner table every night.

Another individual whose messaging spoke volumes to me was Sy Syms – the founder of SYMS the discount clothing chains started in New York City. You may recall his ads where Sy would look directly into the camera and inform consumers that ‘an educated consumer is our best customer’. My mind would explode every time Sy interrupted my afternoon routine of watching old Godzilla flicks before dinner was served.

If you think about it – Sy knew his customers aspired to be dressed in the finest garments despite his prices being too high for the average person. Sy was essentially dividing consumers into two groups – the first group were those who are just plain cheap opting instead to buy something that had to be replaced every year as opposed to the second group that understood the value of things like a finely-tailored suit that lasted decades.

Sy was saying that smart people do smart things with their money – they are adept at turning a dollar into one dollar and fifty cents, not by stashing their money under a mattress but by understanding the true value of things.

We run our business the same way as Sy Syms – we work with customers who understand the value of things. We work with customers who appreciate the cost of finding new customers and keeping the recurring customers – that spending $0.72 to save $1.50 is smart, not frivolous. If you’re a small business owner in Western New York who understands these concepts we want to work with you because we design web-based tools that fit your business bandwidth.