What Should Your Business Blog About?

August 14, 2013 Website Design

With every new web design that we launch here at Buffalo Website Design – we spend a few hours educating our customers and their staff about the importance of blogging. One of the biggest hurdles for every customer is what should they be blogging about. Our response is simple – anything that exemplifies your expertise.

For some, that’s still an abstract thought so let’s focus on what you shouldn’t blog about. Definitely don’t complain about running a business. Being a business-owner is a privilege not a right and whining about dealing with human resource issues or paying employee taxes is definitely not portraying you as the subject matter expert in your field.

Whatever you do blog about remember, you want to provide your prospective customers with something action to take. Whether its picking up the phone to take advantage of a special offer, or tweeting your content for a free t-shirt. Always be closing your prospects when you’ve established that your the premiere expert in your field.