How Those ‘Build Your Own Website’ Companies Steal Your Money

February 19, 2013 Website Design

At one time in this country, people worked to earn money by exchanging products or services they created. At Buffalo Website Design, our customers pay for premium website that delivers a proven user-experience, search engine results and an online presence that increases the perceived value of our customers brand.

These days, the trend in business seems to be to simply steal your money when you’re not looking. For example, this past week my wife and discovered that Xfinity (some may remember them as Comcast) has been charging us for cable television services for the past three years despite the fact that we never ordered it. Their response was that it made our internet bill cheaper by $10 a month. The reality was that they made $12 a month by saving me $10. Again, we never requested this “savings” as they called it. I suppose this is why Xfinity (or Comcast) will have to change their name again in a few years when the internet is plastered in negativity associated with Xfinity, or Comcast.

Back to our original topic – these ‘do it yourself’ websites work the same way. While it’s true, you get what you asked for – a website – the reality is that these services steal page rank from you. Yes, search engines will “find you” albeit on page 10, or 11 but you will not rank for anything remotely associated with your business. You will rank however, for something related to their business – i.e., ‘do it yourself websites’ or something similar.

While your business website flounders in the search engine rankings theirs will prosper thanks in large part to the consumers belief that we get what we pay for.