Buffalo Website Design Trends and Predictions for 2015

January 8, 2014 Website Design

Buffalo Website Design is back and it’s no coincidence that we relaunched our new website to be even more effective when it comes to being responsive to a wide variety of devices including larger smart phones and smaller tablets. The changes don’t stop there and we’re proud to be leading the market in integrating new tools and technology that not only enables consumers to complete tasks faster and without objection.

So we decided that being the new year and all, we would put together a list of website design trends we’d be seeing a lot of this coming year. Some may surprise you while others you may be familiar with if you’ve been following our blog here – such as microinteractions or flat design – but let’s take this opportunity at the beginning of a fresh new year and flesh these trends in detail in the upcoming weeks.
Without further ado – let’s get the ball dropping, err – rolling!

1. Responsive Design
Since Apple launched CarPlay and iWatch back in September our team has been eagerly awaiting how this will impact the way we approach website design for our customers. That’s not all we’re anticipating either. Our beloved city of Buffalo is getting a lot of attention lately with its the recent development projects and plans for building a new football stadium or the recent record snowfall. There’s a revival going on in Western New York and we’re looking forward to helping start-ups and small business ride that tide.

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