How Our Bold Website Design Predictions for 2015 Have Gone Flat?

January 29, 2015 Website Design

In our third installment of Buffalo Website Design’s bold predictions for 2015 continues on, having covered the expanded use of responsive design now that smart watches and smart cars have become legitimate web-browsing devices. And we’ve also covered how huge background images will throw bandwidth and optimization concerns to the wind and woo consumers with eye candy. Today, we are going to cover how flat design will become a beautiful contrast to those gigantic background images – perhaps as a contrast to these images from an aesthetic or bandwidth standpoint or both.

Flat user-interface design has a tremendous value simply from a usability perspective – these controls typically have great learnability and memorability qualities in sharp contrast to skeuomorphic design that outperforms hyperlinks tenfold, but are lacking when it comes to conversion rates that flat design achieves.

In addition to usability principles, the impact on optimization specifically text to code ratios – flat design adds a tremendous amount of value in that gorgeous looking controls can be achieved with a small bit of code.

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