Biggest Marketing Mistake on the Web

March 13, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

The Tweak.

For almost two decades now – website designers have been charged with a multitude of challenges, such as marketing a brand, a product or service – but within the constraints of bandwidth, browser specs, monitor specs – et cetera. However, one of the biggest mistakes made, when it comes to designing and developing for the web has more to do with the lack of consistent branding.

More times than not – marketing managers have constantly tweaked their website design, message, or brand in an effort to increase effectiveness without allowing their resources to work effectively in the marketplace. We spend so much time analyzing data, focusing on specific groups – if only we spent a small portion of that time debating the the impact of tweaks. These tweaks are often considered so small and insignificant that they are harmless – but one, maybe two are harmless – constant tweaking dilutes the brand and its message.