Why Marketing Should Embrace SEO

The difference between ranking number one on Google, and ranking number two – is well, about 17% when it comes to ‘click-through rates’.

Let’s suppose for the sake of argument – that a 17% increase in click-throughs meant ten new prospects. Somewhere it says that 84% of people use the web to determine if your business is worth their time – so, those ten new prospects have decided to drop in on your business. Hopefully, during normal business hours (unless, you’re a website design company who is up all night coding).

Since your prospect is now, physically in the store – studies suggest that your excellent salesmanship has a 70% chance of closing a sale. For the sake of argument – let’s just say you’re having an off-day (maybe you have an inexplicable nose bleed) – so, let’s go with 30%.

So – of those ten new prospects, you’ve managed to turn three into new customers. Nice job.

So what’s the big deal about ranking #1 on Google. Well – between those top three rankings – those businesses split almost 80% of the clicks. That means that if you’re not in the top three (such as Buffalo Website Design at the time of publication) – you’re fighting for scraps. But to be number one on Google means that you nearly double the opportunity to close new prospects.

Try doing that with a print ad, or a billboard – you’ll only see a 1% conversion rate. That’s the most effective marketing dollar you can spend.