Why You Should Avoid Hiring a “Creative” Website Designer?

June 3, 2014 Website Design

Having worked for many agencies as a web designer – the creative team was always afforded a certain amount of time to be creative before we inevitably were forced into production. Production, in some ways, can be the enemy of creativity – it forces the creative web designer to tether their ideas to reality – to make a concept real.

One of our greatest assets at Buffalo Website Design is that we’ve approached the business of designing online marketing tools for small businesses they same way we’ve approached other jobs – the difference being that our web design customers benefit from not having to pay for the creative process – or a bunch of wasted time used by creative to ‘find themselves’.

We have found ourselves and have found our stride – decades of research, usability testing, results have refined our designs and focused our creativity. What are customers get is a high-fidelity strategy and web design process that is ready for implementation within six weeks.

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