Why Your Average Website Designer Will Fail Your Customers

July 3, 2013 Website Design

Chances are if you’ve been following Buffalo Website Design for the past six months or so you’ve read a lot about how the average small business owners confuses designers with artists and how that affects the expectations of a website. Most designers fail to understand how consumers interact with technology – basing their designs on their own experiences and habits – not giving much credence to the idea that consumers may be less technical or have different habits.

Lets examine how habits can affect a typical consumer interaction with a website. Users that frequently visit a website will eventually learn a habit of accessing critical information. The habit for accessing similar types of information should be consistent so that users can eventually rely on memory to successfully navigate this content.

Understanding how to identify these habits or patterns can assist the designer in the development of their user-experience as well as manage potentially disruptive changes in these patterns. Our goal with any website should be to eliminate the objections that stand in the way of our customers making a purchasing decision.

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