What 5 Web Features Are Driving Away Business? – Part One

February 19, 2014 Website Design

Our first five-part series of 2014 will focus on those web design elements that are cluttering your websites user-experience and preventing visitors from doing what they came to your website to do – purchase your product or services.

Now – there are a lot of lists out there about web design and everyone has their own opinion but the team at Buffalo Website Design have been preaching the same usability patterns and workflows since  the introduction of the smartphone. So without further ado – let’s get to work on our list.

Duplicate Website for Mobile Devices

Of all five features, having a m-dot website can be a small business killer on the web. Not only is it considered to be duplicate content by Google – and trust us you’re going to be punished by Google at some point if not already – but rarely do the two experiences have any consistency when it comes to user-experience and thus undermine your brand. Once your visitors or customers start questioning whether or not they’re even at the same website – you can start to expect a lot of empty shopping carts and a higher bounce rate.

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