What 5 Web Features Are Driving Away Business? – Part Five

March 26, 2014 Website Design

Finally, we’re crossing the finish line of web design features that need to be shown the door in 2014. So far, the team at Buffalo Website Design has presented auto-playing videos,  the lack of auto-refresh on websites, flash animation, and m.Sites or websites designed for mobile phones. Well – it’s a difficult process coming up with lists mostly because its so difficult to imagine business owners actually integrating such horrible design but a quick Google search for small business in your hometown will turn up a plethora of research examples. 

Frivolous Elements

What all this things really have in common is that they are basically irrelevant to engagement. And that’s our number five of the top five features on your website that are driving away business. Let’s be real for a moment here – is your website so incredibly content-rich that it needs a search feature? Or how about that tag cloud? We’re all average consumers here – we can talk straight. How many of you actually know what a tag cloud is or how its relevant to converting consumers into customers? Our website design typically begins with using tag cloud to determine keywords on a website – it’s not at all used to engage consumers. It’s that irrelevant and deserves a bon voyage in 2014.

We hope you enjoyed our five part series on the top five website design features that drive away business – for more information on how Buffalo Website Design can design a website that delivers real results, please contact us at (716) 218-9884.