What 5 Web Features Are Driving Away Business? – Part Four

March 19, 2014 Website Design

We are nearing the finish of our five-part series on which web features are driving business away and this weeks installment focuses on the auto-play video. Now, there’s a big difference between using video to appeal to specific groups of consumers but it’s quite another to use a video to interrupt a users workflow. As many of our users are aware – we’re not exactly advocates for disruptive marketing, as a matter of fact we’ve been broadcasting its death for the past ten years. Yet – radio, tv and print advertising seem to chug along whose only value is to officially trumpet the restroom break.

Auto-play Video

Getting back to the subject at hand – while the auto-play video may seem harmless to business owners who like to tinker with their websites it can have disastrous affects on the sites ability to engage consumers. Let’s assume that your site is lucky enough to have such engaging content and design to capture a consumers attention for the .5 milliseconds it takes the human brain to decide if their time is worth spending on a website – why destroy that luxury by interrupting the users workflow? Try to imagine yourself having a conversation with a customer and at the very moment you’re about to close the sale – another salesperson walks up, and introduces him or herself. Not professional and certainly not helpful. Lose the auto-play videos this year.

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