What 5 Web Features Are Driving Away Business? – Part Three

March 12, 2014 Website Design

In the third part of our five-part series about which website design features are actually driving away your customers we’re going to focus on auto-refresh or lack thereof. 

Manual Page Reload

When we talk about auto-refresh the example we’re talking about is the ability to interact with a form and receive immediate feedback on that interaction without having to refresh the page. Why is this important? For the same reason why it’s important to allow users to find important content without clicking through a half-dozen pages. It’s important because when is the last time you waited for a confirmation page to load only to find that something is missing? Typically at this point users are beginning to re-think the value of the information they’re after. Is it worth correcting this form and waiting for a confirmation page to reload? Percentages suggest that an overwhelming number of users will say ‘no’ and opt to go elsewhere.

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