What 5 Web Features Are Driving Away Business? – Part Two

February 26, 2014 Website Design

The second of our five-part series focusing on what web design features are prohibiting users from performing the most important task – the sale. Last week we discussed the mobile website and its impact on branding and search engine optimization. This week it’s something a little bit less devious but still prohibitive to the all important sale.

Flash animation

Yours truly was throwing dirt on anything having to do with Flash way back in 2003 before the infamous squabble between Steve Jobs and Adobe over the animation’s drain on iPhone batteries. A decade later, Steve Jobs turned out to be the winner and smart phones promoting themselves as Flash compatible doomed themselves for lousy battery performance.

Ten years later and Flash animation is still being used on websites – which is almost as bad as people still using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer but what makes the Flash animation case worse is that it’s a choice. So – millions of people using Flash can’t be wrong – can they?

Not only is Flash animation extremely code-intensive but it’s slow and clunky. Unless your branding includes ‘slow’ and ‘clunky’ – which I seriously doubt – then it doesn’t belong on your website because of its incompatibility with smart phones. In addition to its incompatibility issues are the likelihood that text typically gets embedded into the animation making it difficult to Google to scan for keywords and rank your website appropriately.

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