5 Ways Your Website Is Hurting Your Business – Part 4

March 20, 2013 Website Design

Lack of Optimization

In this weeks episode of why your website design is hurting your business, we’re going to discuss landing page optimization. Not to be confused with search engine optimization – landing page optimization is a way of designing around the needs of consumers. Some consumers require details, others prefer testimonials, while others like to compare.

Every website we design takes the six types of consumers into consideration and we leverage that against outstanding user-experience and usability patterns.

Take for example some of the online advertising standards – we know, based on this information where some of the most valuable real estate is on every page. With some prioritization and effective content (see Part 2 of our six part series on 5 Ways Your Website is Hurting Your Business) and you’ll see your average page views triple if not at least double.

Your audience is finding optimized content right where it expects to find it, allowing for consumers to easily digest and become engaged.