5 Ways Your Website Is Hurting Your Business – Part 1

February 27, 2013 Website Design

According to Constant Contact – only 2% of business owners are failing to use their website as a marketing tool. But let’s step back for a moment and define what ‘marketing tool’ means.

For Constant Contact  a marketing tool appears to mean anything that takes user perception into consideration, like a business card for example. Well, we all know that a website does a lot more than that.

At Buffalo Website Design – our definition of marketing tool, as it pertains to your website is, engagement. And how we cultivate engagement has several paths, each based on the different types of consumers we encounter.

So, next week we’re going to kick off five ways your website is failing as a marketing tool and actually hurting your business. We’re certain to expand on the self-fulfilling statistics providing by email marketing mogul Constant Contact in an attempt to break down some of the most effective methods of building a website that transcends the status quo and becomes a 24/7 marketing tool.