5 Ways to Turbo-charge Your WordPress Website, Part 5

May 8, 2013 Website Design

Finally, our last installment is about something pretty obvious but it simply gets overlooked by website designers. That oversight can bloat your website database up to seven times the optimized size of your site – causing a tremendous amount of drag.

Deleting the lengthy revision threads on your blog posts can have a tremendous impact on the performance of your website – and as a matter of fact, from a security point of view, it would be wiser to maintain a log or user access rather than identifying every little revision. Think of it this way – users can be accountable for their own content and when that content impacts the site, you’ll have the necessary information to determine when and who, rather than just the what.

You’ll certainly speed up your website and continue to have top-notch security – all of which protects your database and reinforces your brand.

Enjoy your new found turbo website!