5 Ways to Turbo-charge Your WordPress Website, Part 3

April 24, 2013 Website Design

Since the dawn of website design, working with images has been a major hurdle for customers – especially since taking over content duties thanks in large part to WordPress. In the past year, Buffalo Website Design has provided our customers with the ability to upload images at any size and have those images load quickly and look flawless.

Every website designer needs to clean up your media library of all its unused images after you’ve tweaked your media settings to disable the creation of image sizes when uploading to your media library. Once you’ve done a little housecleaning – go ahead and get yourself another database backup.

You should definitely be noticing some shorter load times and best of all – smaller backups, as you continue tp turbo-charge your website. You’ll want to continue tidying up any unpublished posts, pages, drafts et cetera to keep your WordPress website in Formula One condition.