5 Ways to Turbo-charge Your WordPress Website, Part 2

April 17, 2013 Website Design

Now that you’ve got your website database backing up on a regular basis – you’ve got to get that database optimized. Most website designers will cringe at the thought of having to even touch a database – which might explain some of WordPress’ popularity but – to get lightning fast results from your website these are the challenges we must face.

There’s a couple of really great plug-ins out there that will help reclaim some of the wasted space that may have gathered while building your website. For us at Buffalo Website Design – we’re not huge fans of becoming plug-in dependent and having our customers have to deal with the barrage of updates these plug-ins force on us.

You’ll want to do a little housekeeping prior to optimizing your website’s database – remove any unused posts, pages, files in your media library – that kind of stuff. Once you’ve got that database optimized, we think you’ll start to notice some faster load times and a bit of swagger now that you know your website design is safe, secure and blazing fast.