The 4 Things Every Business Website Must Have

February 24, 2012 Website Design 0 Comments

1. Own Your Domain
Domains are reasonably inexpensive and if you expect customers to be able to find your business online – you’ll definitely want to avoid using an extension of someone else’s domain. Keep it short so that it’s easy to remember.

2. Find Reliable Hosting
Too often businesses will attempt to save a few bucks by going with the free hosting companies but if you’re sites loading times are lagging, your visitors will be hitting the eject button.

3. Build a Site That’s Search Engine Friendly
If you’re new to website design or even contracting a website designer – keep your approach simple. Focus on properly coding your site, keeping the navigation simple and avoid overuse of animation and scripting.

4. Keep the Navigation Simple
Your websites navigation should allow visitors to quickly find the content they’re looking for. Important content should never be more than a few clicks away – but consider ways to decrease the number of clicks. Think of clicks are obstacles between your prospects and closing a sale – the more clicks – the more difficult it will be to close.