3 Things to Know When Looking at Traffic Reports

January 16, 2013 Website Design

With every website design that Buffalo Website Design launches, we provide our customers with traffic reports emailed directly to their inbox. Today we’re going to discuss the three aspects of those reports that every customer should focus on. This review of your monthly report should take no longer than five minutes.

1. Keyword Ranking Report
What every customer should be looking for here is trending. How any particular keyword will rank from one day to the next is a lot like looking at the stock market – what’s most important is that your keywords are climbing. Any sudden drop in keyword ranking should be taken up with your SEO expert of website design agency. This could mean that your site is being penalized and reversing that trend as quickly as possible will protect your investment.

2. General Audience Overview
This is the part of the report that indicates who your audience is, where are they coming from and how engaging your website is. For example, living in Northern Colorado and having built a site that markets to the Buffalo, New York market – this report will show me just how much traffic is indeed coming from Buffalo, New York or how much traffic is being generated from Colorado.

You want to pay close attention to the number of visits, page views, average visit duration, search traffic and bounce rates. Once our customers have begun to see their websites rank in the top three, the focus of our strategy will shift to drive more engagement and less bounce rate. An average bounce rate is about 40% and customers who see a bounce rate of 60% may consider creating some more engaging content.

3. Search Traffic Overview
The most important report – the search traffic report will provide insight into your SEO strategy. Similar to the keyword ranking report, our customers will see their data trending upward as more and more customers are finding the site using our keyword strategy.

If you have any questions about reading your website traffic reports or how to create more engaging content, we are ready to help. Be sure to visit the contact page on Buffalo Website Design or if you prefer the old-fashioned way, pick up the phone and give us a ring.